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Tammy's Tack & Feed -

   Stop in and visit us at Tammy's Tack and Feed, and see what how we can help you and your pet!!

   Each week we will be posting a different product that we carry in the store and tell you a little about that product.  The product will be discounted 10% for that week and while supplies last.

This week's Item of the Week:

Earthborn Dog/ Cat Food
Come in this week and receive $3.00 a bag or either cat or dog food.  Earthborn Pet Food uses vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids.  They have a variety of different flavors for your pet.  They also do UPCs for Trees!! Which is where you send in your UPCs for you bag and they will plant a tree.  For example:  it only takes 1 UPC from a 28 lb dog bag, 2 UPCs from a 14 lb dog food bag or 3 UPCs from a 6 lb dog food bag.  1 UPC from a 14 lb bag of cat food or 2 UPCs from a 6 lb cat food bag.  So you are feeding your pet a great dog food and you are also helping out the planet.